Of all the stakeholders companies must connect with, the natural environment is the most complex.  NGO's and scientists speak for it

The failure of market to impose costs on companies that harm the environment means that doing the right thing often has no economic value

What is responsible for nature can be irresponsible in the short term for shareholders



Socialsumers are looking to buy from companies that uphold their values 

  • Brands are being defined by a broader set of stakeholders
  • NGO need to be part of a new marketing system
  • Social innovation and social entrepreneurship are essential to moving society forward in the 21st century
  • Trust is now an important prerequisite, and trusted voices have grown in power and influence within the networked world
  • The supply side is fraught with resistance, self interest and is painfully slow.  It is the demand side that poses the greatest opportunity for change
  • They see a culture of consumerism no longer sustainable
  • It is a better strategy to leverage the social in consumer than trying and put the citizen in the corporation through back door policy.

Social businesses need to interwoven into the markets and participate in marketing and financial incentive system of markets

  • We have no issue with people making a lot of money NOT helping people, but we react to people making money helping people - these are old ideals
  • We watch systems with no ethics pile up the money, yet that that produce real value helping
  • It is OK to make money and help people --

Private goods and public goods can no longer be mutually exclusive.

Old Charity ideologies are counter productive
The things we have been taught to think about charities and non-profits are undermining the causes and need for change.
Today's charity system is no longer adequate to deal with the size of the social problems we face. 
Charity has become a system of redemption for the giver -penance for their self-interest
Charities are small and overhead is tiny



checking system

Checking System

Checkers of the Trust

Companies are beginning to act largely because they see their own problem

Companies are organs of society and must look at their operations from a stakeholder perspective (vs. the shareholder perspective)
NGOs are part of that framework. 
Everyone is being encouraged to adopt a braoder and more contemporary approach, coming out of their lanes and partnering and collaborating in new ways to solve complex problems.
The new markets are too important and companies have begun to jump on the social bandwagon, where "bad" companies contribute to or align themselves with causes, as an image game, not a substance game. 
Tactics like "cause-marketing" will be used to push a proposition.  They will fail becasue you can't talk your way out of something you earned your may into. 
Old marketing will get identified for what it is - imagewashing, greenwashing, causewashing.

SCIENCE is an Important part of education – creating KNOWLEDGE for the benefit of HUMANITY - to help close the communal gap in our knowledge.



policy of association
Policy of Associationi

Good companies

Define the good and grow the good









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