We like to think we live in democracy, where public officials tend to general welfare - increasingly corporate lobbyists write our laws and corporate interests dictate what we are allowed to know

All 21st century companies are answerable to workers and stakeholders at every level of their supply chain

  • Armed with networks of information, knowledge and technology people are now able to hold corporations accountable for their actions

Industry operates across four (4) ENVIRONMENTS - Natural, Social, Cultural and Economic, deploying four (4) types of capital

  • A fundamental principle of free markets is that prices reflect all costs so that people can make proper decisions from the signals being sent by price
  • Many of the cost incurred by industry are excluded from the price because the bill is picked by society

Trust in corporations is at an all-time low as dangers accumulate across the 4 environments

  • The most expensive social costs are all driven by corporate impacts: Obesity, smoking, climate change, for-profit wars, alcoholism, pollution
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