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Our culture is undergoing a renaissance

  • A new "Networked Generation" is driving a digital ecosystem, converging IT, telecommunications and media and entertainment.
  • The legacy media and entertainment system was designed to promote "YOU" and your standalone products, because audiences where controlled through two windows onto the world, TV and Radio.
  • Boomers changed the world as artists stood hand-in-hand supporting and embracing their change.  The NetGen have chosen the internet as their platform for change and they are creating an unprecedented shift in the fundamentals of the economy, business and ecology. 
  • This time the culture industy is fighting their change, putting institutional morals and artists on the wrong side of the culture war.
  • The NetGen have redefined media, because they are in control, they want a say, they want to participate, and they want you to be one of them.  This is the world of "Me Media".  A simple pronoun transformation from "YOU to "ME" has changed all the defaults.
  • The world needs and new media and entertainment sysyem, that's native to the Web and operates under the new narrative of the NetGen and its cultural of collaboration and community




The Web is no longer a network of connected computers but a new market economy operating under new principles and new values

  • The Socialsumer culture is a new culture now exceeding 50% of the American population.
  • The Web is no longer a network of connected computers but a new market economy operating under new principles and new values.
  • The Socialsumer is a new culture rapidly approaching 50% of the American population.
  • There are new expectations and new rules of engagement
  • Companies are expected to partner with society
      • Be good at what they do
      • Responsible in the way that they do it
      • Help resolve societies bigger issues
  • The marketing industry has undergone a level of change commensurate with the degree of change in culture itself. 
  • The legacy system was designed to mass market "YOU" via advertising models to corralled audiences.  The legacy principles of mass marketing no longer apply as this new culture come together in networks and communities to engage and participate together.



We are in the midst of a transformation of social practices and cultural practices 

  • We are changing teh way we perceive the world and how we act individually and collectively to shape our understanding of the world we occupy and that of others with whom we share it. 
  • Practices, socially and culturally, traditionally suppressed by economic power are rising in opposition to the concentration and control by the corporate framework. 
  • We have an opportunity to change the way we create information and knowledge, innovate and produce good and service to remove some of the transactional barriers to material opportunity and improve the state of human development everywhere.

NGO / Pro


This is a society built on partnerships

  • We are calling upon NGOs and companies to adopt a broader and more contemporaty approach, coming out of their lanes and partnering and collaborating in new ways to solve complex problems.  Government's can't do it.
  • The culture is shifting away from the old rules of consumerism to hold corporation social responsibility for their impacts and are prepared to walk away from offenders and their offerings.



Community will be the next revolution

  • After the Internet, but it won't be seperate from it, it will be building upon all the technologies and philosophies and practices the Networked Generation has embraced. 
  • Coming together in networks and communities to engage and participate, they are creating a new narrative for culture, society, products, environemtn and companies.



We don’t have a POLLUTION problem we have a DESIGN problem

  • If companies were to devise products, tools, furniture, homes, factories, and cities more intelligently from the start, they wouldn’t need to think in terms of waste, or contamination, or scarcity, or regulations.
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