Without a sense of community we become unmoored

community foundational

1. Physiologically community is baked into our DNA

      • We are duplexed, meaning we have an innate sense of self-interest and an innate sense of community
      • As the saying goes "no man is an island"


community demogracy

2.  Community is a tenant of our Democracy

      • The democratic system of the U.S. is built upon 3 tenets
          •  Equality, Liberty and Community (Brotherhood)
      • These shared values were the foundation of our culture, and helped create a country abundant in freedoms and ripe with opportunities
      • These virtues birthed the “American Dream”




3.  It is said that a Nation State is an "imagined Community"


community collaborative structure

Community is more than a business system or social system it is a LIFE system - human life is grounded in four (4) environments: Natural, Social, Cultural and Financial

  •  Business way give you a living, whilst community gives you a life

Everything is connected - Community unifies the 4 environments - 4 types of capital:


Natural Capital:

Natural resources and Natural Ecosystems
sociL Social Capital: Human Resources and Social Services
SOCIAL Cultural Capital: Values/Beliefs; Narratives/Stories and informatioin and communications system

Financial Capital:

 Property and Market/Enterprise systems/processes


Neoliberalism/Washington Consensus/Global Supply Chains are all anti-community

  • These are ideologies are premissed on individualism and self-interest
  • Their agenda is to discredit all forms of individual collective organization and vanquish the rights of all other capitals - except financial. 
  • Financial capital is doing well whilst the other 3 capitals are doing poorly.
  • Tearing down community breaks down individuals - they in essence become 1/2 a person, living in an age of isolation - As Robert Putnam portrayed it "Bowling alone".
  • But life always finds a way - "Bowling" is moving online.



Empire vs Earth Community

Empire organizes by domination at all levels, from relations among nations to relations among family members

Empire brings fortune to the few, condemns the majority to misery and servitude, suppresses the creative potential of all, and appropriates much of the wealth of human societies to maintain the institutions of domination

Earth Community organizes by partnership, unleashes the human potential for creative co-operation, and shares resources and surpluses for the good of all

Supporting evidence for the possibilities of Earth Community comes from the findings of quantum physics, evolutionary biology, developmental psychology, anthropology, archaeology, and religious mysticism

It was the human way before Empire; we must make a choice to relearn how to live by its principles




people neworks


Networking world

Changing Social and cultural practices

In the world of the Internet and Social Media networks have become the dominate formation as the "Mass" public sphere is being pushed to the margin 

The experience a top of these networks completely changes social and cultural practices

  • Changing the relationship between PEOPLE, BUSINESS and MARKETS. 
  • The Networked Generation, "NetGen" doesn't connect up to commercial media, they connect across - changing all the defaults.
  • Most importantly, they step out of the "captive system" - the command and control system of old media enabling them to critically think and associate with trusted sources
  • The NetGen is changing the way information is shared and how decisions are made

New rules of engagement

  • Trusted sources
  • Don't trust Big Corporations, Media or Advertising
  • Stakeholder groups
  • Knowledge society - they think before they are


Stakeholders are persons or groups that stand to benefit from or be harmed by corporate activity

It is imparative that corporations focus on key stakeholder groups and the way in which these stakholders are or many be affected by industry practices

The following 6 skill groups encompass the practices of industry and represent the constituencies that companies have a responsibility to




Business has a responsibility to avoid doing harm to these stakeholders

  • This requires a clear awareness of the risks to which constituencies are exposed because of corporate policies and practices
  • Harm includes the violation of basic rights as well as the exposure to any risk which would be relevant to stakeholders
  • Some practices are ethically intolerable
  • Benefits provided to some stakeholdrs (namely shareholders) do not justify exposing others to these harms 




American is a reformation culture

The generational struggle will be to implement 21st Century community


The Social World and the Great Recession have been Corrective Forces

Most people know what's going on in the world. Neoliberalism/Global Supply Chains are responsible for great inequalities and great injustice.  "Free" markets are rigged with concentrated and controlling corporations leading these chain gangs.

Global Supply chains and their consultants have called for countires to shift their focus to CORE competencies, loosing industies and suffering huge social costs only to be place at the bottom of the chain.  The value is of course maintained at the top - even though these lead firms employ reatively few workers.  Those at the bottom have little chance at moving

America, is experiencing a period of continued decline and stagnation socially, economically and environmentally. The financialization of Industry, corporate concentration, individualism and self-interest over the last number of decades has eroded away democratic and cultural values while fragmenting society. 

Finacialization is becoming a death wish:

  • Death to the plant; death to democracy; death to culture; death to opportunities; death to communities.
  • The free market economic system which was originally intended to add value to society has been reengineered to simply create value to shareholders and “Financialization” has distorted communal values into financial goals as success personally and commercially is no longer gauged by value to society but instead by the amount of wealth it is able to amass.
  • This singular focus on “self” and “wealth” is in sharp contradiction from the democratic values of this country, and since “culture” is defined by a society’s set of shared values then we are experiencing the loss of culture within this great nation



  • Wave of localism that is arriving
  • The localism of our time is networked, powerful
      • By passing National Government altogether
      • Creating a web allow us to bypass brokenness and monopolies of control


Growing discontent, unrest and resistance of populations - especially the youth, are occuring around the world






"Throughout the world, there is a palpable hunger for community" - Lisa Gansky


Only through an open community system can we acquire and evaluate the information to steward these chains

  • If Companies wish to participate in our society they need to partner with society.
  • Maximizing shareholder value is NOT a partnership pledge
  • Profit is a corporate "right", however there are too many examples of this right becoming a "wrong". 
  • A partnership mandate is simple:
    1. Be good at what you do.
    2. Be responsible in the way you do it.
    3. Participate in solving the larger problems of society


  • We are consistently bombarded with "authoritative" messages that work against our basic common sense. Everyone from the Media "experts" to government wants us to stop using our brains and trust them. They don’t want us to empower ourselves with information and knowledge. They want us to believe they are the only ones that can direct us.
  • Real people - Stakeholders  are the right lense in which to steward the social-economic system. 
  • 6 stakeholder group


  • Where there is great inequality, there is great injustice and ultimatly instability.
  • The world is yearning for human dignity and a movement that establishes new values, new narratives and charting a new course which creates an alternative to the current industrial model of commercialism and individualism.

Companies are organs of society, they do not operate in a vacuum

  • They operate within the natural ecosystem and within society and its culture
  • Society has the capability and right to assess who is and is not partnering
  • A democracy provides the right and freedoms to understand corporate decisions and their impacts

citizen journalism

The "Open Environment"  is the X-Ray machine into business supply chains

  • It is a framework for evaluating the full scope of industry operations from material inputs through to a products end-of-life
  • In every industry there is a chain of companies that cooperate to create goods and services, a system of inputs and outputs, each building on the other and often steered by a leading corporation
  • For the most part profits are all privatized while natural, social and cultural capital are unpriced or to coin another term, socialized

It is no longer about making promises

  • There are too many examples of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pledges being no more than window dressing.
  • Companies have to choose to become part of the solution and society has the right to understand that decision.
  • Shareholder values do not trump democracy
  • In a democracy people have the right to know the truth and decisions that affect them
  • Communities have a right to hold corporations accountable for their decisions and actions





Not communities that ARE, but communities that DO

The principles of STRONG communities are in this real development framework.

 S.  STAKEHOLDER led Stewardship

  • Direct Governance: Rational, knowledge based
  • FULL representation: 4E values, Life roles; property laws to TRUST laws
  • SOCIAL LICENSE: Institutions are worthy; What forms of engagement; What decisions are Appropriate; What Actions are Appropriate


  • PREDOMINATELY SELF RELIANT: (not total self-sufficiency)
  • Mixed / full-fledged Economies – Real economies produce things
  • Trade things not reasonably done at home - Trade must be balanced between countries


  • People getting control of their own resources
  • Ownership of resources must be domestic: Land Trusts


  • Full participation
  • Life System / platform Homogeneous individuals to uniqueness individually and collectively


  • Collaborative markets
  • Best practices

 G.  Global & BIO-REGIONAL:

  • Global sharing – Bio-regional control

fabric model

Encompasses 4 things

      • VALUES: Foundation of values
      • ECOSYSTEMS: Understanding of the systems that make the world go round
      • STAKEHOLDERS: Set of skills to pursue goals and have others join in that pursuit
      • PLATFORM: An arena in which to operationalize the reconstruction

fabric model

In the marketplace, transformative platforms in general have commoditized music 

  • Industrialized music is availbale everywhere, often considered substitutable and competeing with free. 
  • These platforms have extracted the commercial value of music into their proposition -- elevating theirs and devaluing artists
  • Artist become slaves to the platforms
  • They do all the work building platform audience and companies reap all the rewards -- how clever is that!  It is a modern form of sharecropping.
  • Artitsts are left suing their fans and chasing their content around the Internet. 

Software engineer's believe they are the new artitst because they are creating the change

  • This "platform environment" erodes pricing power and increases the challenge of differentiating an artist by product alone
  • Put another way, the market forces artists to achieve a higher value proposition than a standalone product -- it's a race to the top

Engagement and participation are higher value services (people based) that pull product

  • These are services tech can't provide
  • Silicon Valley's march to become media valley ends when media & entertainment's proposition exceeds the platforms.

The economic premium is now in giving people something NEW and innovative

  • It's no longer enough to improve an existing product
  • Sometimes the answer is right next to you. Adjacent revenue stream can be integrated and elevated .

The world needs new artistry for an open media and entertainment system that's native to the Web and operates under the new narrative of the "Networked Generation"

  • The solution is in the market, not the courts
  • Most artists realize this and are moving through the change curve (from denial to acceptance)
  • They are positioning themselves in social media; picking up the tools and building their fan bases
  • But they need a SYSTEM that can make them SUCCESSFUL.
  • A system that is native to the Web and operates under the new narrative of the "Networked Generation."






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