SOCIALSUMER is a term designed to capture the notion that we as human have a dual nature

1. We have an innate sense of self-interest - we act as consumers to get what we want for our individual selves

2. We have an innate sense of belong, to be part of something larger than ourselves - what is right for the community

Socialsumer is a 21st century term to describe the post consumer - a widening worldview , a new awareness, new insight onto old roots

  • We are in the midst of a transformation of social practices and cultural practices - how we perceive the world and how we act individually and collectively to shape our understanding of the world we occupy and that of others with whom we share it

Socialsumer is the new balance of competition and collaboration

  • Practices, socially and culturally, traditionally suppressed by economic power are rising in opposition to the concentration and control by the corporate framework. 
  • We have an opportunity to change the way we create information and knowledge, innovate and produce good and service to remove some of the transactional barriers to material opportunity and improve the state of human development everywhere



new values

"America is experiencing a renaissance of values ... Values are the best predictor of what people will do.  Values are the most important life priorities." - Paul Ray

renaissance of values

The new social ecosystem (Social World) has produced on a new culture model of active (not passive) actors

  • The socialsumers come together in communities because they believe there is power in sharing and cooperation
  • A new culture has evolved in the US and around the globe
  • This culture continues it's accelerated growth. 


The socialsumer generaion are Tech savvy; Media savvy and Information savvy

  • Information advantage used to be tied to position not intellect, the Internet netralized
  • Socialsumer are conscious consumers: awaer, care, share
  • Innate sense of self-interest and an innate sense of belonging - community
  • Socialsumers change all the rules
  • Transparency; Knowledge; Participation and Collaboration are operating principles of socialsumers

Socialsumers are guided by a new compass

  • Balanced across the four environments: Natural, Social, Cultural and Financial



seismic shift 

culture shift 

Generation Population %
Matures 31m 9%
Boomers 74m 23%
Gen X 66m 21%
Gen Y 86m 27%
Gen Z 66m 20%

The majority of american no longer buy into the 20th Century Consumer Narrative

  • Their value system has changed to more foundational/community values set

tipping point

60 years ago the American population was split 50-50 between two sets of values

  • "Taditional" and "Consumer"
  • Both these value sets have been in decline, but the Consumer culture did dominate the 20th Century
  • The youth of the Traditional culture shifted more rapidly to a braoder set of community values
  • The Social World of social media and the Great Recession has served to accelerate a Great Reset in American culture
  • The narrartives, the stories that belonged to consumerism are collapsing  
  • Socialsumer culture is  now becoming the dominate culture in American
  • We are now at a stage where a new culture is beginning to dominate the American landscape and while media and politics behave as if it doesn't even exist, we are remined of Malcolm Gladwell notion of having reached a tipping point, a point in which people will demand change



 new power




Deployment of new community participation and stakeholder coordination to create change

New power transition





Held by Few Made by Many
Commands  Share
Leader Driven    Peer Driven     
Closed Open

New power models are network-based


new power



new markets

Collaborative market

 Social World has redefined the market

In the Social World, people no longer "connect up" to big media, the "connect across" in networks -- changing all the defaults.  The market market now formulates into spheres:  The outer sphere or what we refer to as the "ME" market is the new media commons -- anti-commercial, anti-corporate a word-of-mouth market. The "US" market sphere is community.

The social world operates under new rules of engagement -- They expects you to go into their space -- meet them ion their terms, on their ground -- in their narrative.

The legacy prinicples of Mass Marketing no longer apply -- ads are replaced with "Me Media" (we put the ME in MEdia) . US is social word -- integrated marketing is replaced with unified marketing New rules of engagement. (we put the US in bUSiness).

The way socialsumer culture make decisions and who influences their decisions has changed. People no longer make desicisions in isolation. In the Social World people turn to their network for recommendations, information and advice from trusted sources -- if you are not engageing your customers you are wasting your money.

People expect companies to be good at what they do; responsible in the way they do it; and help solve our bigger problems.  The selling proposition changes because networks operate under a principle of "sell-through" not "sell-to".


new community

A converging of the digital and physical

  • The boundaries between physical and virtual are blurring



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